Mobile FEES of NWA Swallow Studies

Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing

A Gold Standard Instrumentation

​Mobile FEES provides diagnostic imaging with views of larynx and vocal folds. FEES has been shown to be higher in specificity and severity in identifying penetration, aspiration, residue, and spillage when compared to MBS.

On Site within 48 hours Same Day Report

We bring our fancy camera to your facility and when we leave you have the report and recommendations in your hand. No more waiting or tracking down the recommendations!

Evidenced Based Practice for Swallowing Treatment

At Bedside, without any sort of instrumental, SLPs are overdiagnosing dysphagia 70% of the time and missing silent aspiration 14% of the time! (Leder 2002)

Collaboration with SLP On Site

SLP particpates in the swallow study and is able to trial compensatory strategies during imaging. The study includes detailed report with 6 high definition images, a video of the procedure is available upon request.

Ongoing consultation with facility SLPs, mentoring, and in-services are provided for dysphagia management, as our service to you.