Speech Therapy In Fort Smith, Springdale and Poteau

Speech Therapy for Adults in Fort Smith, Springdale, and Poteau

Welcome to Therapists in Motion, where our speech therapy services are tailored to meet the unique needs of adults. Our experienced speech-language pathologists specialize in providing comprehensive evaluation and treatment to address speech, language, and communication disorders in adults.

Key Benefits of Speech Therapy in Fort Smith, Springdale, and Poteau

Improved Communication Skills

Our speech therapy programs help adults enhance their speech clarity, language comprehension, and expression, leading to improved communication abilities in various social and professional settings.

Increased Confidence

By addressing speech and language difficulties, adults can regain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively, leading to improved self-esteem and quality of life.

Enhanced Swallowing Function

Speech therapy for adults can also improve swallowing function (dysphagia), reducing the risk of aspiration and improving overall swallowing safety and efficiency.

Personalized Care

Our speech-language pathologists provide individualized therapy plans tailored to each adult’s specific needs, goals, and preferences, ensuring optimal outcomes and progress.

Our Speech Therapy Services at Therapists in Motion

Speech Articulation Therapy

We offer individualized therapy to improve speech clarity and articulation, helping adults enhance their ability to communicate effectively.

Language Therapy

Our therapy programs target comprehension and expression skills, addressing difficulties with vocabulary, grammar, and overall language use.

Voice Therapy

We provide voice therapy to adults with voice disorders, focusing on techniques to improve vocal quality, resonance, and vocal health.

Fluency Therapy

Our therapists specialize in treating stuttering and other fluency disorders, offering techniques to enhance fluency and reduce speech disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can benefit from speech therapy for adults?

Speech therapy for adults is beneficial for individuals experiencing speech, language, or communication difficulties resulting from various causes such as stroke, brain injury, neurological conditions, or developmental disorders.

How long does speech therapy for adults typically last?

The duration of speech therapy for adults varies depending on the individual’s needs, goals, and progress. Therapy sessions are typically scheduled on a weekly basis and may range from a few weeks to several months or longer.

What should I expect during a speech therapy evaluation?

During a speech therapy evaluation, our speech-language pathologist will assess your speech, language, and communication abilities to identify areas of difficulty and develop a personalized treatment plan. This may involve various assessments, observations, and discussions to gather comprehensive information about your needs and goals.

Can speech therapy for adults improve swallowing difficulties?

Yes, speech therapy for adults can also address swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) that may result from neurological conditions, stroke, or other medical issues. Our therapists can provide specialized techniques and exercises to improve swallowing function and safety.

Meet Our Speech-Language Pathologists
Lauren Brenaman, PT

With expertise in adult speech therapy, Lauren Brenaman brings compassionate care and specialized skills to our team. They are dedicated to helping adults improve their communication abilities and regain confidence in their daily lives.

About The Author

Danni Welch, a Speech Language Pathologist, is passionate about providing high-quality speech therapy services to adults. With extensive experience and a commitment to ongoing professional development, Danni Welch strives to empower individuals to achieve their communication goals and enhance their quality of life.

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Cindy Dean

My husband had a medical emergency that put him on a ventilator for a week; he also had many other issues that made him weak and unable to do much of anything. He also had major issues with his throat due to being on the vent. The ladies who did our home health for his recovery have been EXCELLENT. Dani (speech therapist), Jen (OT), and Cortney (PT) have been a joy to have in our home for their therapies. It’s so nice not to have to go somewhere when my husband has multiple doctor’s appointments a week. They are doing a great job with his recovery. Thank you Therapists in Motion!

Donna Little

My 81 year old mother has been living with me for over a year and during that time she has been receiving speech and physical therapy from Therapist in Motion. Everyone that we have encountered has been so sweet and respectful to her and she enjoys their company and is very social with them. The therapists are able to visit mother in our home which makes it so much easier for her to receive their services. They are easy to work with when scheduling their visits and they always schedule in advance so there is never any surprise visits. I definitely think that both physical and speech therapy have enhanced my mother’s quality of life. I am more than satisfied with the services Therapists in Motion have provided for my mother and I would recommend them to anyone.