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Speech Therapy in Fort Smith, AR

Do you need speech therapy?

Here are a few general signs:

  • You have trouble swallowing your pills or food.

  • Your voice is often hoarse or sounds harsh.

  • Your speech is often slurred.

  • When you speak it’s difficult for others to understand you.

  • You have trouble remembering things, solving problems or focusing since a recent hospitalization or illness.

  • You find it difficult to find the right words when speaking.

At Therapists in Motion, we provide professional speech therapy in Fort Smith, AR to residents all across the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas.

If you would like to speak to a professional or schedule an evaluation for speech therapy in Fort Smith, AR, contact us now.

Therapists In Motion Offers Cutting Edge Treatments

Speech Therapy Services: Ampcare, LSVT, OMD, pediatric feeding/swallowing (IDFP), EMST, Dysphagia treatment and FEES/ Swallow Studies, Safety Awareness training, Aphasia.

Therapists In Motion specializes in assessing and treating dysphagia with research based intervention and diagnostic tools including swallowing therapy with AMPCARE-ESP (Effective Swallowing Protocol).

ESP is a non-invasive, FDA-cleared treatment for dysphagia that combines the most effective electrical stimulation parameters with resistive exercises.The result is improved quality of muscle contraction and swallowing function. Therapists In Motion is able to provide treatments up to 4 times per week in order to improve therapeutic outcomes.

How Does ESP Work?
A combination of three major components makes this treatment protocol superior to competing electrical stimulation devices: Neuromuscular electrical stimulation + resistive swallowing exercises + postural strategies using the Restorative Posture Device (RPD). With this powerful trifecta, ESP achieves the following:

  • Movement of the airway out of the food’s pathway
  • Stimulation of fast-twitch, powerful muscle fibers to elicit motor contraction
  • A 30-minute treatment time, providing 60, 72, or up to 90 swallowing attempts
  • A safe, effortful swallow
  • Decreased risk for aspiration
  • Ampcare (www.swallowtherapy.com)

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